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February 2017

Case History:


7 year old male castrated mixed breed dog.  One week history of weakness on one side and inappropriate urination in the house.  Blood work and abdominal radiographs normal.


Neurologic Examination:


  • Mentation: Quiet and appropriate
  • Cranial Nerves: Positional vertical nystagmus, head turn to the left
  • Gait: Non-ambulatory, weak on the left, vestibular ataxia
  • Postural reactions: Delayed in left front and left hind, normal on the right.
  • Reflexes: Within normal limits
  • M/S: Within normal limits


Imaging Findings:  Intraparenchymal mass located in the left thalamus extending to the left olfactory bulb.  The lateral ventricle on the left was altered in shape and size.  There was cerebellar herniation.


Gross Pathology:

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