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The Miller laboratory is part of the National Cancer Institute’s comparative brain tumor consortium.  This consortium brings together human and veterinary neuropathologists to arrive at a better consensus for diagnosing canine gliomas.  Our initial work is published here:

LeBlanc AK, Mazcko C, Brown DB, Koehler JW, Miller AD, Miller CR, Bentley RT, Packer RA, Breen M, Boudreau B, Levine JM, Simpson MR, Halsey C, Kisseberth W, Rossmeisl Jr, JH, Dickinson PJ, Fan T, Corps K, Aldape K, Puduvalli V, Gilbert MR.  Creation of an NCI Comparative Brain Tumor Consortium: Informing the translation of new knowledge from canine to human brain tumor patients.  J Neurooncol, 2016, 18(9):1209-1218.


Dr. Miller presented a poster entitled RNA-SEQ Transcriptome Analysis of Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded Canine Meningioma at The American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) annual meeting.


Select Recent Publications

Kir7.1 Immunoreactivity in canine choroid plexus tumors

This paper highlights the immunoreactivity of Kir7.1 (an inward-rectifier potassium channel) in choroid plexus neoplasms in the dog.  This is a commonly used marker in human choroid plexus neoplasms and we showed for the first time its specificity and sensitivity as a marker for canine choroid plexus neoplasms.

Choi E, Sloma E, Miller AD . Kir7.1 Immunoreactivity in canine choroid plexus tumors. J Vet Diag Invest, 2016 28(4):464-468.

Characterization of inflammatory changes associated with canine oligodendroglioma

This paper highlights the inflammatory infiltrate associated with canine oligodendroglioma, a common brain tumor in the dog.  The paper shows marked variation in infiltrating immune cells and establishes the need to determine the role of these cells in tumor progression and pathogenesis.

Sloma EA, Erb HE, Creneti C, Miller AD. Characterization of inflammatory changes associated with canine oligodendroglioma. J Comp Path, 2015 153(2-3): 92-100.

Feline spinal cord gliomas: Clinicopathologic and diagnostic features of seven cases

This paper is a retrospective study of feline spinal cord gliomas.  These are rare tumors in the cat; however, this paper and other case reports in the literature suggest a predilection for the cervical spinal cord.

Hammond JJ, de Lahunta A, Glass EN, Kent M, Summer BA, Miller AD.  Feline spinal cord gliomas: Clinicopathological features of seven cases. J Vet Diag Invest 2014 26(4):513-520.

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